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Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to service and repair Bill & his team are your guys. With 25 years of combined experience troubleshooting and repairing HVAC equipment you can count on it being repaired right the first time.  Bill & his team pride themselves on being able to repair the older equipment that many HVAC service technicians simply throw their hands up on and just try to sell you a new unit. Sometimes you do need to replace your system but if it can be repaired economically and get you another season then at least you have a choice. You can rely on Bill Kutz Heating & Air to give you an honest appraisal of your system and work with you for  the right solution.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep that furnace or air conditioner running longer and more efficiently thus costing you less on your energy bill. Whether we installed your HVAC equipment or not why not let us keep your system at it's best with our Preventive Maintenance program. We come out 1 time a year for Furnaces or 2 times a year if you have air conditioning. For about $12.00 a month you can take your HVAC system off your list of things to worry about. Whether you need maintenance for your home or commercial system Bill Kutz  Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you the service you need.

Preventable Horror Stories



What's in your filter?....Notice the date on the filter when it was last changed. Out of sight is out of mind for many folks. Unfortunately that caused a clogged evaporator coil and a failed compressor on this system...

The moral to the story is preventive maintenance would have prevented a very expensive repair. Call for an appointment today!


A/C Units

Quarterly maintenance helps keep winged stinger packing pests from setting up house in your air conditioner. What's in your A/C?


Fuse Boxes

Wow! This is 1 reason to have your A/C system serviced each year. The wire connections in the fuse box become loose with the temperature changes between day & night. Loose wires caused an ark that actually caused the material in the box to combust. Thank goodness it was a stucco sided house. Could have been devastating.

Need HVAC Service, Repair or Installation?

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