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HVAC Installation Services

In California, your air conditioning is one of the most essential systems in your home for year-round comfort. The efficiency of your HVAC in Santa Rosa determines your air quality, freedom from indoor allergies, and of course, your ability to control the temperature despite the summer heat or winter chill. If your AC is acting up, you can rely on the expertise of the Bill Kutz Heating and Air team in Sonoma County for your HVAC repair, maintenance, or installation needs.

Premier HVAC Repair & Installation Company in Santa Rosa

Bill Kutz Heating and Air is one of the leading providers of HVAC services in Santa Rosa and across Sonoma County, with HVAC professionals skilled in a wide range of systems and services. If your AC or heating is not working optimally, we will quickly diagnose and provide the necessary repairs. Our team also specializes in IRA installations, finding rebates and savings opportunities for energy-efficient home systems.

Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

Your comfort and the efficiency of your home are our top priorities. When your AC is not working optimally, your home becomes less comfortable, and you may pay too much for your monthly power bill. Bill Kutz Heating and Air can help keep your AC in top condition, including expert installations of the latest AC systems.

AC Repairs

Is your air conditioner rattling, banging, blowing warm air, or producing strange smells? Call for fast, professional AC repiars.

AC Maintenance

Want to keep your AC running efficiently year after year? Schedule annual AC maintenance appointments for a routine cleaning and tune-up.

AC Installation

Bill Kutz Heating and Air can install a high-end AC into a new home or help you to replace an old air conditioner with a new unit perfectly suited to the cooling needs of your home.

Heating Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

When the temperature drops, you rely on your heater to keep your family safe and warm. That means having a team on-call to can repair your heater should the heat fail or develop a problem.

Heating Repairs

Call for heating repairs if your heating system rattles, blows cold air, or smells of burning, to ensure your heating system is warming your family and is safe to use.

Heating Maintenance

The best time to maintain your heating system is before winter or right before you put your heater away for spring. This will ensure that your heater is tuned-up and ready when needed.

Heating Installation

Does your home need a new heating system or to replace an old heating system? Bill Kutz Heating and Air will provide a fast installation process with energy-efficient AC options.

Top Signs You Need Professional HVAC Service

If you notice any of the following signs, contact professional HVAC services with Bill Kutz Heating and Air:

  • Your AC or Heater is more than 15 years old
  • Your home doesn't reach the set temperature
  • Your HVAC makes a rattling, banging, or roaring sound
  • There are sour or burning smells when you turn on the AC system (If you smell burning, especially burning plastic, turn off your HVAC immediately and seek repairs)
  • Your vents blow room-temperature air
  • Your AC freezes up
  • Your HVAC cycles very quickly on and off
  • Your power bill keeps rising

Contact the HVAC System Installation & Repair Pros in Santa Rosa, CA

Bill Kutz Heating and Air in Santa Rosa can provide all your cooling and heating services. Residents across Sonoma County can call us for repairs, maintenance, replacements, and new installations. We are proud to help you get rebates and financing to keep your home comfortable and safe at all times, no matter how big the job is.

Whether you need work on your heating or cooling system, repairs, or installation, we are here to keep your house comfortable and energy efficient. Schedule your initial inspection today.

Need HVAC Service, Repair or Installation?

Contact Bill Kutz Heating & Air Conditioning today for a flat rate diagnostic service.