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Heating System & Furnace Replacement in Santa Rosa, CA

Nothing is worse than an old, unreliable furnace when cold weather blows in. But all too often, Santa Rosa residents discover that they need a heating and furnace replacement when they switch on the heat or when the temperature drops and the furnace has to kick into high gear. The same is true when you discover you need a new AC installation during a summer heat wave.

Furnace or AC replacement is a normal part of keeping your home in good condition. HVAC systems tend to last between 10 and 20 years, so it's no surprise if a Santa Rosa or Sonoma County home has been up long enough to need its first heating or AC replacement. Many historic homes are on their third or fourth HVAC update since central air was originally installed.

Bill Kutz Heating and Air Conditioning can help you find the perfect furnace or AC replacement.

Signs Your Heating Unit May Need to be Replaced

When a furnace starts to wear out, there are clear signs that get worse over time. If you notice frequent repairs - once a year or more often - or if the unit regularly fails to reach the desired temperature, it may be time to consider a heating and furnace replacement. Other signs include the unit failing to blow air at all or constantly power cycling. If you smell a burning odor within the first few minutes of use, it's important to take action.

Additionally, if your unit is more than 15 years old, it may be time to call an HVAC technician. If you ever smell hot metal or plastic, turn off the furnace immediately and seek an inspection, as this could indicate a dangerous electrical failure.

Finding the Right Furnace Replacement in Santa Rosa, CA

Making an informed decision on when to replace a furnace involves comparing the life expectancy of your current model versus a new one and taking into account not only the model but also the type of furnace within your home.

Whether you have a natural gas furnace, terms such as BTUs, Tons and SEER ratings can be intimidating to learn at first. Fortunately, with over 21 years of experience in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas in Sonoma County, we pride ourselves on not only honest but affordable work. We aim to give our clients only the most fair pricing when compared with our competitors.

If you need a new gas, or electric furnace, we'll make sure you have one within your affordability best suited for your home.

Heating and Furnace Replacement Process

Installing a new furnace system is a complex process that often requires highly knowledgeable professionals. Choosing the people to do the job is the key to getting it done properly and safely. For instance, if no ductwork is present in your home, what may have been a simple fix might leave you pulling your hair out in frustration.

After the team at Bill Kutz has your furnace installed correctly, proper maintenance will be essential to keep it running smoothly and reliably. For our Sonoma County residents, we offer regular inspections after installation to ensure everything is functioning as expected. Getting professional help means that small problems won't become bigger ones down the road, and losing out on efficiency and comfort levels due to a neglected system will no longer be an issue.

Let Experts in Sonoma County Help When the Time Comes

You rely on your home's heating system for a safe and comfortable life during the winter months. It should provide steady and evenly distributed heat whenever called upon and reach your thermostat temperature within an hour of being switched on in most circumstances. If your heater or furnace has become unreliable, if it can't keep up with your needs, requires frequent repairs, and especially if it is older than 15 years, it is likely time to schedule a furnace replacement.

Bill Kutz Heating and Air Conditioning provides heating and AC installation services to Santa Rosa and the Sonoma County area. Contact us for a consultation on your heating replacement today or whenever your HVAC units reach the point of needing an upgrade.

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YuvRaaj Madra
YuvRaaj Madra
Bill Kutz & his team are absolutely phenomenal! Bill, Tyler, Tara & their 2 installers, everyone was wonderful to deal with. Their service is top-notch, and they truly go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. From the moment I contacted them for HVAC installation, they were professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. The team's expertise is evident in the flawless installation they provided. My home now feels incredibly comfortable thanks to their outstanding work. I highly recommend Bill Kutz HVAC to anyone in need of heating and cooling services. They are simply the best!
Billy Schock
Billy Schock
I’ve worked with Kutz HVAC as both a general contractor and as a partnering contractor on a couple dozen projects over the years. They have always provided fair pricing and professionalism that goes above and beyond a typical shop. Highly recommended!
They were great! Quick and efficient, very nice and professional. Nothing beats being able to support a local independent business. Highly recommended
Bob Austin
Bob Austin
We have used Bill and his team for installation of an attic fan, whole house fan, and heat pump system. Their work has always been excellent, and they are a joy to work with. We highly recommend them.
Marco Tevini
Marco Tevini
A+ job!!
Rachel Robison
Rachel Robison
Great service.
Mary Braem
Mary Braem
Bill provided a very fair estimate for HVAC in my home. He and his crew were excellent every step of the way, from the time they first arrived until they tested the newly installed system. Conscientious. Professional. Highly recommend.