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HVAC System Replacement

Homes in Sonoma County, CA, typically have their first air conditioner installed right after construction. Of course, many of our neighborhoods are more than a few decades old, and so are the AC systems. Air conditioners only last about 15-20 years (with good maintenance), so if you suspect that it's about time for an AC replacement, you're probably right.

At Bill Kutz Heating & Air Conditioning, we see all sorts of repair and replacement jobs around the county. We can make repairs to old systems but eventually, there comes a time to replace the old inefficient system. Suppose your AC breaks down constantly and can no longer be relied on. In that case, the Bill Kutz team provides everything you need with a brand-new, efficient Air conditioning system.

When is It Time for AC Replacement?

We can repair a lot of AC issues, but you can see clear signs when it's time to replace that old AC unit:

  • Your AC Needs Frequent Repairs
    • ACs typically only need repairs every few years. If it's become a yearly matter, or even more frequent, then your AC is about to give out.
  • Your AC Does Not Work Reliably Anymore
    • If, even after recent repairs, your AC does not reliably provide cooling or airflow, AC replacement is in the cards.
  • You Can't Keep Mold/Mildew Out of the System
    • An AC that can't maintain a dry or filtered internal environment anymore may start to grow mold, which is a health hazard and a sign of poor performance.
  • The Essential Electronics are now Dangerously Old.
    • If the core elements of your AC unit have begun to fray or chip away due to age, especially the electrical components, an AC replacement is in order.
  • The Next Repair Costs 1/2 or More Than a New Unit
    • If repairing your AC will cost half or more than a new unit, it's more economical to upgrade.

HVAC Replacement in Santa Rosa, CA

The process of replacing your AC is a simple one and one that we can perform rapidly so that your home will be cooling again soon.

First, we will perform an estimate to determine the right type, , size, and budget for your new AC unit. Then we will remove the old HVAC systems, followed by a rapid air conditioning installation service. When the replacement AC is installed for indoor and outdoor units, we will test the whole system to ensure your home is cooling efficiently.

Your AC replacement process may also include repairs to your ductwork, ventilation system, and other details to ensure the best performance with the new AC unit.

Free Air Conditioner Replacement Estimates

An air conditioning replacement estimate is a detailed assessment of your home's AC needs. Bill Kutz Heating & Air always offer a free estimate to help you determine the best AC units. Our goal is to provide an upgrade to the cooling and comfort of your home by selecting exactly the right unit to suit .your unique circumstances

Inflation Reduction Act Residential Energy Rebate Programs in California

By choosing an energy-efficient HVAC system, you can gain access to savings through the IRA (inflation Reduction Act) residential energy rebate program. A rebate is a type of discount where you can get some of your money back by filing the right paperwork after your AC installation. The Bill Kutz team will help make sure you get your rebate so that your AC replacement is more affordable.

AC Replacement FAQs

Contact Bill Kutz HVAC - Serving Santa Rosa, CA and Surrounding Areas in Sonoma County

The comfort of your home is our top priority. If your AC is on its last legs - or has just given out completely - Bill Kutz Heating & Cooling is dedicated to helping you with the best AC replacement services in Sonoma County, CA. Our expert teams provide free estimates and helpful advice, and we can even connect you with financing options to help with a new ac unit replacement.

Don't let the summer heat get you down if your AC is no longer up to the task. Contact us today for an AC inspection or free air conditioning replacement estimate.

YuvRaaj Madra
YuvRaaj Madra
Bill Kutz & his team are absolutely phenomenal! Bill, Tyler, Tara & their 2 installers, everyone was wonderful to deal with. Their service is top-notch, and they truly go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. From the moment I contacted them for HVAC installation, they were professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. The team's expertise is evident in the flawless installation they provided. My home now feels incredibly comfortable thanks to their outstanding work. I highly recommend Bill Kutz HVAC to anyone in need of heating and cooling services. They are simply the best!
Billy Schock
Billy Schock
I’ve worked with Kutz HVAC as both a general contractor and as a partnering contractor on a couple dozen projects over the years. They have always provided fair pricing and professionalism that goes above and beyond a typical shop. Highly recommended!
They were great! Quick and efficient, very nice and professional. Nothing beats being able to support a local independent business. Highly recommended
Bob Austin
Bob Austin
We have used Bill and his team for installation of an attic fan, whole house fan, and heat pump system. Their work has always been excellent, and they are a joy to work with. We highly recommend them.
Marco Tevini
Marco Tevini
A+ job!!
Rachel Robison
Rachel Robison
Great service.
Mary Braem
Mary Braem
Bill provided a very fair estimate for HVAC in my home. He and his crew were excellent every step of the way, from the time they first arrived until they tested the newly installed system. Conscientious. Professional. Highly recommend.

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